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Disembodied voices is a meditation on the nature of public space. It is a visual representation of how different bodies communicate across space, using cell phones as a metaphor for the new translocal of connected, disembodied voices, linked across space invisibly - forming an unseen network of wanderers, always within reach yet nowhere in sight. We now have private conversations in public - and in so doing, these conversations, or at least half of them, become public events, a half-dialogue that no longer knows such a thing as privacy. This site illustrates the collision of the personal/private and public space. As the line between public and private continues to blur intimate transactions have become audible to anyone within earshot. Where we are, in a sense, no longer matters since we are always connected...more
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This project was created by
jody zellen and produced (in part) at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center through the Artists-In-Residence Program. Special thanks to Cory Arcangel, Taketo Shimata, Carol Parkinson, Hans Tammen @ Harvestworks Digital Media.